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The mutual friendly, cultural-educational, trading and economical relationship between Uzbekistan, especially Bukhara and South Korea goes as far as the past thousand years. Continious agreeable relations of these two countries is not only the main factor of the growth of these countries but also the main factor of cultural and economical development of the world. South Korea is one of the first countries who recognized the Independence of Uzbekistan and put new investments and future project that will provide interests of both countries.

Because of the great opportunity to make investments in Uzbekistan and friendly mutual relationships of our countries, one of the leading investors of South Korea - Daewoo International Corporation launched FC  “Deawoo Textile Bukhara” LLC in Bukhara city.
In addition, Uzbekistan is rich in raw cotton particularly because of  to produce with Bukhara’s superior quality  raw cotton which is well known all over the world                                               
Historical dates 
On February of 2008 the agreement  to establish  “Daewoo Textile Bukhara was signed during the visit of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Abduganievich Karimov to the Republic of South Korea. On 8th of April of 2008  FC “Daewoo Textile Bukhara LLC was officially formed and 52500 USD was invested from south Korea and equipped with the world’s leading textile machines. The production started in September 2009.                                           

About us 
Area – 154  100  
Buildings  – 48 817

Annual production capacity: 
16000 tons of cotton fiber
57 504 bobbin 

Annual production volume: 
14460 tons of cotton fiber
Annual production volume of Textile Spinning Factory – 12869 tons
Single yarn – 12641 tons
Double yarn – 228tons

“Yulduz” is the official trademark of FC “Daewoo Textile Bukhara LLC.  This trademark shows company’s ability to be reliable business partner and to supply highest quality products.

Export and International Cooperation 
FC “Daewoo Textile Bukhara LLC is the leading company in textile field. Yarn produced in this company is exported in many countries of the world. The main customers of the company are leading companies of West and Eastern Europe and also Eastern Asia’s progressing companies. Besides the company have relationships with leading textile companies of Commonwealth of Independent Countries such as Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.
The long term goal of company is to build number one textile company in the world with motto “Bright future in our hands”.  



Cotlook Index 15.11.2011
INDEX A 105,60 (2011/12) (-1,05)
UZB M:dd (2011/12)

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